About Kaituna 

Valley Homestead 


Nestled in a tranquil valley, the Kaituna Valley Homestead is lovingly cared for by Sharon and John Robertson. This grand old house exudes the charms of a bygone era while utilising all the comforts of modern living. The property is set on 29 acres of unsurpassed rural landscapes.


Built in 1900, the homestead was built by Walter Parkinson for his family. Located on Banks Peninsula, Kaituna originally covered 17,000 acres extending from the north-eastern corner of Lake Ellesmere, to the top of Mt Herbert, and down to meet Lake Forsyth a mile from the outlet. Over the years the land around the homestead has been sold off and it is now a peaceful place to come and stay in the valley.

About Us


John and Sharon Robertson have four grown up children. They share a passion for hospitality and for the peaceful countryside.


It has been a long held dream of theirs to own a place like the Kaituna Valley Homestead and now that they are here, they have been working hard to create a haven for guests. Along with the bed and breakfast, John and Sharon have a walnut orchard, some sheep and cattle and an extensive garden. There is also an original orchard that they are quietly restoring in their spare time!


They feel more like caretakers of a piece of history rather than owners. There is a responsibility that comes with owning a home like this and they are aware of the privilege they have to be here.

Kaituna Valley Homestead


623 Kaituna Valley Road


Tai Tapu 7672

(0064) 3 329 0095


Kaituna Valley Homestead